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Canada, global leader in low-carbon cement and net-zero carbon concrete

In 2021, the honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Cement Association of Canada (CAC) Chair, Marie Glenn, and Michael McSweeney, President, and CEO, affirmed the partnership between the Government of Canada and Canada’s cement sector to support the development and implementation of a ‘Roadmap to Net-Zero-Carbon Concrete’. This work will provide the…

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Understanding formwork, part 3

Classification of formwork based on its structural components Continuing with this short series of articles to understand what formwork is all about, we present the last part of this series where we will talk about the classification of formwork based on its structural components. In addition to being classified by materials, formwork can also be…

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Understanding formwork, part 2

When developing formwork it is important to consider the type of concrete and the pouring temperature, since both affect the pressure exerted. Also, formwork must be capable of resisting loads of wet and dry concrete. Formwork requires planning, and structures such as poles and stabilizers to avoid movement during construction procedures, and these are called…

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What is precast concrete?

The utilization of precast concrete offers significant benefits in terms of increased material efficiency, safety, labor productivity, and reduced time, cost, and wastage over conventional on-site construction. In the meantime, challenges exist in precast concrete production in the high requirements for dimensional accuracy of precast elements, flexibility and reusability of formwork, and stability of shuttering.…

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British Columbia, at the forefront of earthquake-resistant concrete

After 15 years of hard work and research, a new earthquake-resistant concrete was developed in B.C. in 2017. which saw its first real-life application in a Vancouver elementary school seismic retrofit project. The project to develop the environmentally friendly ductile cementitious composite (EDCC) was overseen by Nemy Banthia at the University of British Columbia (UBC)…

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